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Instructor of Record

Changing Climate, Changing Cultures

A 200-level course at the University of Maryland, Winter 2021

Course Description:

Climate change is arguably the twenty-first century’s most pressing global environmental issue. It is a phenomenon that transcends boundaries, and its outcome remains uncertain for communities around the world. But what does climate change mean to these different peoples and cultures? And how might climate impacts and proposed solutions affect these groups? Throughout this course, we’ll draw upon anthropological perspectives and concepts, and employ a climate justice framework in considering how culture, politics, economics, and power shape human responses to climate change. Discussions, films, readings, and assignments will all provide a foundation for appreciating the role of anthropology in understanding, responding to, and preparing for climate change.

Teaching Assistantships

UN-mandated University for Peace 

  • Research Methods (Spring 2022) 

  • Environment, Development, and Conflict (Fall 2021)

University of Maryland 

  • Changing Climate, Changing Cultures (Spring 2020, Spring 2019) 

  • Immigration Policy, Immigrant Lives (Fall 2019)​

  • Conservation and Indigenous Peoples in Latin America (Spring 2018)

  • Introduction to Socio-Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology (Fall 2018, Spring 2017)​


University of Vermont

  • Introduction to International Environmental Studies (Spring 2009)​​​

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